Skin Disease Detection and Classification using Deep Learning Algorithms

  • S.Malliga, G.Sherly Infanta ,S.Sindoora, S.Yogarasi


The people health more than any other diseases. Skin diseases are mostly caused by fungal infection, bacteria, allergy, or viruses, etc. The lasers advancement and Photonics based medical technology is used in diagnosis of the skin diseases quickly and accurately. The medical equipments for such diagnosis is limited and most expensive. So, Deep learning techniques helps in detection of skin disease at an initial stage. The feature extraction plays a key role in classification of skin diseases. The usage of Deep Learning algorithms has reduced the need for human labor, such as manual feature extraction and data reconstruction for classification purpose. A Dataset of 938 images has been taken for the Classification of Skin diseases. They include Melanoma, Nevus, Sebborheic Keratosis.  By using CNN algorithms,  70% accuracy is achieved in classification of skin disease. We have also tried with AlexNet, which gives 80% accuracy.

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