Design and Implementation of Indoor environment Monitoring and controlling system

  • Shaik Asif Hussain, Sana Al Ghawi,Budoor Al Rawahi, Shaik Javeed Hussain


Building and monitoring the environment in real time conditions is quite important in improving the standard of living. The purpose of this work is to sense gas, temperature, and humidity using an automatic sensor control system for necessary action based on relative reference values. An Internet of Things (IoT) based technology is employed in this work with three different sensors mounted at different places to obtain the indoor environment information and process them using raspberry pi controller. However the environmental issues are measured and demonstrated accurately in real time conditions using alarm. The results indicate the pollution level quality from the set standards to improve the indoor environment. The proposed system analyzes the situation and recognize the human activity in indoor space. The framework design serves the purpose of a wireless sensor network is to find the emissions of impossible tasks to do. The environmental parameters are sensed from different nodes and the data is wirelessly transferred through ZigBee protocol. The prototype displays the measured values on personal computer (PC) for easy surveillance effectively. The designed system consists of different sensors to sense any unexpected incident in the indoor environment. The Temperature sensor LM35 is used for detecting the temperature in the room supported by IR Transmitter and receiver. Gas sensor is supported by MQ sequencer which is able to sense the gases in indoor environment. The Buzzer, Air conditioner and door motor is used as an output in case of high temperature or high gas. The automatic control system collects all the data by using Raspberry Pi and then process it on to the cloud. All the information is accessed on PC or smart mobile phone for immediate or unexpected action happened in the indoor ecologically. In addition, LDR sensor is used to sense the extreme situation and represent the light as ON or OFF. The automatic control system can be monitored through autonomous mode or the user can control the system also by using manual mode.

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