A survey on Major Problems and solutions of Top 10 Web Application Security

  • Syed Abdul Raheem Syamasudha Veeragandham, Kumar Gillela


Now a days web applications are common use for all the domains. Because of Internet of Things (IOT) all the applications are connected and also controlling through web. The major development of IOT is providing all the applications and transaction are done through online. In this situation the security for development the web applications is very crucial. Many attackers are attack in different ways to do harming of our applications. In some situations these ways are insignificant to discover, misuse and very difficult. All these are that may be cause of no result or it may create loss of your business. To calculate the risk based on every danger agent, risk attack ratio, analyze the security weaknesses and as per the combination of technical and business impact. Cooperatively, the overall risk is calculated based on all these factors. There is a one open source community is called Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is authorize the organizations for design and develop and maintaining web applications can be trusted. In this paper explains about the different types of web application security attacks and weaknesses of the web applications. Top 10 OWASP security vulnerabilities are proposed solutions mainly development level and web application vulnerabilities.

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