Role of Micro-finance & Self-help Groups in Women Empowerment

  • Tandraleem Kashyap et al.


Women are an integral part of every economy. All round development and harmonious growth of a nation
would be possible only when women are considered as equal partners in progress with men. Microfinance and Self-help groups (SHG) are now proven strategy for reaching poor women. Micro-finance
and SHG can empower poor women by providing facilities like savings and credit in the economic
development process of the society. Micro-finance and SHG are means of social empowerment and
upliftment of the poor specially women as it helps in increasing standard of living and coming out of
poverty. The main purpose of such an association is to enable poor women members to gain economic
benefits out of mutual help, solidarity and social responsibility. The present research paper is an attempt
to study the role of Micro-finance and SHGs in empowering women.

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