IoT Based Smart Air Pollution Monitoring System

  • M.Bharathi et. al


Pollution has become a severe problem in urban areas. Air pollution causes respiratory and other health problems among the people. Hence monitoring the qulaity of air is very essential as it helps to take necessary and preventive measures to reduce harmful gases and thus save many lives. Information regarding the statistics of pollutants can be updated to government policy makers, to improve the quality of air. Air quality Monitoring system provides the information of emission of various gas concentrations, that may be analyzed and  further interpreted. This paper, proposes  design of an IoT based Smart Air Pollution Monitoring model [1] that monitors the air quality on a online server using web based network . The proposed device will trigger a warning SMS when the air quality goes beyond a threshold level that indicates presence of harmful gases like CO2, smoke, alcohol, benzene and NH3. The quality of air with level of the harmful gases in parts per million (ppm) are displayed on the smartphone.

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