Identifying Gurmukhi Handwriting with Special Reference to Aspect Ratio and Relativity

  • Urvashi Sharma Mishra, Vijay Rana, Komal Saini, Jatinder Singh Bal


Graphology is an important science these days coming to the rescue of banks, courts and public authorities facing the problem of handwriting comparison. This science has atleast made clear that handwriting is the work of brain and not of hands, mouth or feet. Therefore, every author has a unique style of his/her writing irrespective of the medium used for such writing. Gurmukhi script is widely used in northern India for the purpose of official and private communications. But this is relatively a raw field of computer forensics. The reason is the use of 41 consonants, 9 matras and 3 nasal symbols. The paper has confined to identification of handwriting along two factors namely, aspect ratio and relativity. The aspect ratio is the ratio of length and breadth of the character. This is useful tool for identification of the author even when different spaces have been used for the same writing and even in different situations. Harrison’s factor of relativity for English language has been applied for Gurmukhi script by the authors. In it the Gurmukhi characters in different zones are compared for relativity and identification of the author made.

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Komal Saini, Jatinder Singh Bal, U. S. M. V. R. (2020). Identifying Gurmukhi Handwriting with Special Reference to Aspect Ratio and Relativity. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 2346-2352. Retrieved from