Improving Data Security with Node Authentication using AODV Routing Protocol

  • Dr. Umesh Sehgal. Mr. Inderjit Singh


The Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) is a prominent field that helps users to establish a wireless connection for data communication. Routing is a big issue in MANET network. While AODV is an Ad-hoc on demand distance vector routing protocol which is common protocol used in MANET network, protocol performance is affected when attackers eavesdrop on the routes of the network. In addition, intruders can be accessed the AODV routing protocol by various security attacks likes Sybil, Wormhole attack and so on. The performances of AODV improve owing to avoidance of various attacks like Sybil, wormhole attack and so on. In this paper, we improve the performance node to node using proposed security mechanism based on AODV routing protocol if anyone attacks on routing. We used NS2 simulator for simulation of the proposed security model. The results of a total number of dropped packets, throughput and End to End delay were obtained, analyzed, compared and showed for improving the performance of AODV. 

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