6G Technology Healthcare Management

  • Rahul Kumar Chawda, Dr. Varaprasad Kolla, Dr. Byju John


The present usage of 5G innovation has pushed the scholarly network to consider what is straightaway. To appropriately respond to this inquiry, we need to make sense of which will be the necessities later on. This paper manages the responses to those inquiries for the wellbeing vertical of 6G. The developed and the maturing of populace overall make the present social insurance frameworks impractical later on. Remote wellbeing must be executed to leave all residents alone followed and oversaw in the wellbeing procedure of their life by seeking after a financially practical route for the network. 6G is imagined to be an innovation which won't just make the remote social insurance valid, however it likewise will permit the Internet of Bio-Nano-Things, leaving the human body alone piece of the "Net". Exceptionally low complex wearable/implantable gadgets will be a piece of our regular day to day existence, which can recuperate data about our wellbeing and way of life from each item we collaborate with, from a jug of water to a shrewd medication.

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