Optimization, Formulation And Characterization Of Iron Based Cholecalciferol Transdermal Patches

  • Mr. Devendra Laxman Visokar, Dr. Amit K.Jain


The proposed work was aimed to optimization formulation and characterization of transdermal   patches of cholecalciferol for efficient transdermal delivery of drug. Solubility suggested that cholecalciferol uninhibitedly dissolvable in organic solvents, dissolvable in phosphate support pH 6.8 and for all intents and purposes insoluble in distilled water. The log p estimation of cholecalciferol 3.7, it was closer to standard worth. Log P value in a range of 1 to 4 indicates higher permeation through the skin. A regression coefficient (R2) at 280 nm was found to be 0.993. The Correlation Coefficient (R2) = 0.993 and Y = 0.022x + 0.056 Regression co-efficient (R2) for the medication in phosphate support 6.8 was seen as close to one and in the linearity extend, which show direct connection absorbance and concentration. In this current exploration work specific DMSO and DMF was select. This was obvious from the aftereffects of cholecalciferol  pemeation at 16 hrs from PEC2 to PEC7 with DMSO  thus at various groupings of 10 % w/w and 20 % w/w of all out weight of polymer dry weight. It likewise that DMF  as was not adequate to accomplish want permeation flux for controlled delivery up to 16 hrs. If there should be an occurrence of weight variety, study drug loaded patche (4 cm2) were gauging utilizing electronic balance. The weight of all groups discovered uniform in a range of 321 mg to 363 mg. drug content outcomes additionally discovered uniform in all clusters in a range of 97 % to 98 %, it proposed that the medication and polymers consistently distributed in dispersion. Generally speaking, the aftereffects of starter preliminary result proposed that batches arranged with ERL 100 shows great mechanical properties contrast with different polymers however helpless glue properties.

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Mr. Devendra Laxman Visokar, Dr. Amit K.Jain. (2020). Optimization, Formulation And Characterization Of Iron Based Cholecalciferol Transdermal Patches. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(11s), 3497-3515. Retrieved from http://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/37809