The Implementation of Scrum Framework for Developing Fundraising Mobile Applications

  • Ginanjar Wiro Sasmito, Achmad Fauzan


Funds can be used for any purpose, both for physical and non-physical purposes, for example: infrastructure, scholarships, social activities, and etc. The limited budget and the large number of needs make fundraising occasionally necessary. Fundraising is usually held by non-profit organizations. In fact, fundraising usually meets with several obstacles, such as: the amount of time and resources to deliver information, low accuracy in disseminating information, less choices methods of funding, low level of public trust, and less optimal of fundraising calculation. According to the obstacles above, one of the solutions is to produce a mobile-based software application to raise fund. The application is developed with the Scrum framework to make it faster to be resolved, by using the scrum framework, completing a mobile application for fundraising only takes 35 days. The application makes disseminating information, notification system, and the community easily to access and provide fund in real time. It is also help the process of collection and calculation discovered in real time. SUS examined the usability of this mobile application and the result is 82.1%.

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