IOT Based Sustainable Wallet Tracking System

  • Adeniran Mayokun Samson, R.Dhakshyani, Raed Abdulla


Wallet is essential to everyone as it is like a folding pocketbook, large enough to hold very valuable properties. According to numerous surveys, wallet is one of the most belongings lost, top five properties misplaced and even stolen. Because of this problem, there arise a need for a sustainable way to track a missing wallet. To implement this proposed system, GPS was installed on the wallet for the real time location update of the wallet at all times. This GPS captures and forwards the wallet mobility information through the communication protocol, LoRaWAN for cloud interface update for viewing, through Arduino on Ubidot. An improved flexible feature to hasten the tracking and locating the wallet. The IOT platform, Ubidot is the user interface for the proposed system. This platform displays the coordinates and real time goggle map updates of wallet mobility and location details. The system enables real-time tracking and monitoring of the wallet location at 2-5km range on an IOT interface assessable on any internet connected devices that provides real time update of wallet at all times. As future enhancement, further optimization can be done using nanotechnology to make the wallet very portable and handier.

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