Supply Chain Risk Analysis Concrete Material Ready Mix

(Case Study: Mekarwangi Square Apartment Project, Bandung- Indonesia)

  • Asep Setiawan


Supply chain is a network of various interconnected organizations that have the same goal, namely as best as possible to carry out procurement of goods. But at the time of implementation, there are several risks that can occur. To minimize the risks that might occur, an analysis is needed as the first step as a risk identifier before the project gets constraints. The purpose of this study is to analyze risks and determine risk mitigation in the supply chain of ready mix concrete materials in the Mekarwangi Square Apartment Project, Bandung - Indonesia. The stages of research start from field observations, mapping supply chain activities, identifying possible risk events, identifying the causes of risk, and calculating the value of Aggregate Potential Risk (ARP). Based on the results of the study, six risks that can occur are rejected orders, greater costs, late delivery, postponement of delivery times, accidents during shipping and material rejection because they are not in accordance with the specifications requested. There are five causes that are prioritized risks, namely the condition of transport vehicles that are less able to deal with field conditions, traffic congestion on the road, far distance to the project, suppliers who are not able to accept too many orders, and the event or big day in the city of Bandung. Then the handling is given according to each priority cause of risk. 

KeywordsSupply Chain, Risk Mitigation, Aggregate Potential Risk

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