The FIIs Flow into the Indian Stock Markets

  • Dr.K.Chitradevi, G.Kalpana


The Economic Development in any country relies on the presence of good sorted out money related markets. It is the monetary framework, which arrangements the essential money related contributions for the generation of products and services, which thusly advance the prosperity and standard of vocation of the individuals of the country. The Capital Market are of indispensable centrality to capital setup as the fundamental capacity of monetary markets is the preparation of reserve funds and their dispersion for the mechanical venture, in this way animating the capital development and to that degree, quickening the procedure of financial development. Capital market has two wide portions of the money related market viz. the currency advertise and the capital market. The capital market manages transient obligation, though the capital market manages long haul obligation and stock (Equity and Preference). Every one of these business sectors has an essential fragment and an optional portion. New money related resources are given in the essential market; though exceptional budgetary resources are exchanged the optional portion. The resaercher has used statistical tools such as Descriptive analysis, Correlation and Regression. The present study covered 18 years from 2001-2018. The study concludes FII flow in Indian Stock Market was well movement. There is a significant relationship between the Foreign Institutional Investment with SENSEX and NIFTY. In regression analysis result there is significant influence between the Foreign Institutional Investment with SENSEX and NIFTY.


Keyword:. Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), NIFTY, SENSEX

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