Role of Analytics in Online Social Network-A Survey

  • Vikas Attri, Dr. Isha, Dr. Arun Malik


Since the foundation of internet, Online Social Network/social networking sites and E-commerce websites have rise as the main gateway. Online Social Network as it name suggest it is a social structure made of individuals over the internet through social sites establish a forum for discussion and exchange information. Today most of companies/Marketers used to track online conversions (Macro vs. Micro) as well as promote their products using digital marketing approach over traditional approach. Digital marketing approach includes so many professional modules for companies such as Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Online Reputation Management (ORM), and Affiliating Marketing. The goal of these modules to increase the brand awareness and ROI factor of the companies. From now on, one can find sound visual stages like YouTube and Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, Picassa, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Scoop Woop, Tinder and so on. So social media is a monstrous electronic field where they have made new champs or brands on the web. Individuals utilize online social networks for making relations, learning, entertainment and to survey item things. This extended effect of online social networks has provoked the ascent of a research territory named online social network investigation. This paper describes different aspects used in Online Social Network and how analytics, machine learning, big data strongly associated with OSN.

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