Information Technology Ethics and Professional Responsibilities

  • Mohammed A. M. Afifi, Deepak Kalra, Taher M. Ghazal, Beenu Mago


In the present scenario worldwide, an obvious trending factor in the context of business organizations is the tremendous growth of Information technology (IT) in a significant way. Being marked in any industry, the application of the different components of IT is taking place for the purpose of attaining betterment in the procedures and operations, as the evolution in information technology made every procedure subject to be coded and executed easily. The most essential benefits that can be highlighted are improvements in the context of efficiency along withaccuracy. However, it can be noted that the growth of the framework of IT within organizations is leading to the rise of different kinds of problematic situations for the employees. It can also be noted that the organizations even violate the ethical parameters for the drive to attain success and make betterment in terms of productivity. In the long run, these kinds of practices do not turn out to be fruitful since it leads to the downfall of dedication and motivation among the employees who are the major assets for attaining success. The maintenance of balance between the human employees and the use of IT is needed to be done for attaining success in the long run by maintaining the ethical aspects and policies. These are the major reasons why this paper will focus on figuring out the ethical values and needs linked to Information Technology (IT) together with professional responsibilities.

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