Determinants of Service Quality: A Case Study of Commercial Banks

  • Phan Thanh Tam, Phan Dien Vy


Service quality is an essential factor affecting the existence and development of any commercial bank. Service quality is the degree of difference between the consumer's expectations of the service and their perception of its outcome by studying factors affecting the banking area's quality of services. The research results had 900 customers related to commercial banks. Data for this research method is collected through a questionnaire that surveyed about 900 customers using commercial banks' banking services. The paper used convenient sampling method and is processed by SPSS 20.0 software; Amos and data are tests; the reliability of the scales by Cronbach's Alpha reliability coefficient, EFA and SEM. The finding is five factors that are affecting the quality of services at commercial banks, respectively: Reliability; Empathy; Responsiveness; Competence, and Tangibles. This result is a scientific basis to help the managers’ banks improve the quality of services in the future.

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