Wireless Smart Metering and Monitoring System for Household Power Theft

  • Uma Soni, Dr. Uma Kumari


In the present scenario and existing technological era still we are running with our old and outdated metering systems in households. Existing system is having many drawbacks and loopholes, which make power distribution as a loss making job for government. This can be due to power theft or wrong metering data or inefficient or inaccurate metering data. So to overcome from these loopholes and drawbacks we came up with an advance wireless power metering and monitoring system. This wireless power metering and monitoring system can play a revolutionary role in the field of housing power distribution & metering system.This wireless, PLC and smart meter based system have many advance features.By using smart meters, the accuracy of metering system has increased as compared to the other metering systems. We can have as many as hundreds of parameter readings. It also provides us the facility to check past and present parameter readings (time wise trend is available). It also have the alarm facility to indicate illegal activities done by different people with meter. No communication cable is required between meter and PLC (which is at Electricity Board office). Automatic bills can be generated with full reliability and accuracy. Its system architecture comprise of PLC, Smart meter, modems and power supply for PLC.This paper comprises methods of power theft, proposed smart power metering system architecture and functions, PLC and SCADA development and result analysis of proposed system.

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