The Smart Power Outlet System by Using the NodeMCU and Blynk IoT Platform

  • Satien Janpla, Chaiwat Jewpanich, Nisanart Tachpetpaiboon


This research has developed the Smart Power Outlet, the Power Outlet that could be controlled and displayed by using an application on the smartphone. The Smart Power Outlet system consisted of 3 parts: 1. The controller part used a Microcontroller NodeMCU as the processor and controls the operation of the system. 2. The output part used a Relay Module for turning on-off the Power Outlet. 3. The sensor part used the PZEM-004T AC Digital Power Energy Meter Module, used to measure the electrical value of the electrical equipment connected to the plug when the control unit was activated. The developed system was connected to the Internet via the NodeMCU microcontroller to receive data from the PZEM-004T Sensor in measuring the Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Frequency and sent data from this sensor to the Blynk Server, and created an Application on the Smartphone, by using Blynk Application to bring the sensor data to display, and send control commands from the Application to the NodeMCU, made the work of the plug smart and made it known real-time electricity usage, making it even more secure. Besides, the developed Smart Power Outlet could also be used with the Smart Home and Smart Farm systems.

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