Influence of Size of Ventilated Brake Disc’s Ribs on Air Flow Velocity

  • Nadica Stojanović, Nouby M. Ghazaly, Ivan Grujić, Jasna Glišović, Sunny Narayan


The braking system is one of the most important assemblies of the vehicle. During the braking process, a large part of the heat is accumulated by the disc, and therefore, it is essential that it has good cooling. In order to improve cooling and reduce the mass of the disc, nowadays more and more ventilated discs are applied, even on commercial vehicles. Not only does this design improve the cooling of automotive disc brakes, but their use significantly reduces the wear of the brake disc and brake pads. The aim of the paper is to reduce the mass of the disc and increase the mass flow of air through the disc, but not to disturb the mechanical characteristics of the brake disc. Optimization is done in the Ansys software package. By performed analysis, parameters that satisfy the goal of the paper are presented. Numerical analysis allows reducing the time in the development of new products, and costs are minimized.

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Sunny Narayan, N. S. N. M. G. I. G. J. G. (2020). Influence of Size of Ventilated Brake Disc’s Ribs on Air Flow Velocity. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(1), 637 - 647. Retrieved from