Innovative Technique for Gated Pipes Design by Assembling Energy and Continuity Principles

  • M. Sherif S. S. Tony


In Egypt; irrigation improvement and reform of the "national water policies" are of the supreme importance for the semiarid country with limited water resources. Egypt's agriculture consumes 80-85% of the country's water resources. Meanwhile, an escalating pressure due population growth and national development is continuously exerted on the water resources. Many types of irrigation improvement techniques were applied in Egypt in the past 5 decades in order to enhance water use efficiency and increase water productivity. Gated pipes (GB) were recently introduced to the Egyptian farms, and newly proposed as a tertiary irrigation system, coupled with the improved distributing secondary system (piped Mesqas and Marwas). Gated pipes had shown cost efficiency further to its performance effectiveness. By improving irrigation using such economic and efficient systems; a considerable amounts of irrigation water could be saved for the foreseen horizontal agricultural expansion. This research concerns optimization of the gated pipes' design and operation techniques through; revision and evaluation of the available gated pipes' design and operating setting criteria, tracing of the possible errs due to proximities, optimization of design criterion uncertainty, and verification of the obtained technique. The optimized design/operation approach compiles both energy conservation and continuity principles. The proposed assembling design equation involves; the flow energy, frictional losses, minor losses, discharge continuity, and pressure drop along the unsteady pipe flow. This technique had shown convention with both of the design requirements, and the producers' recommendations (i.e. pipes size and gates' adjustment). This research also comprised validation and verification of the obtained design equation with laboratory experiments and practical tests. For all the dominant parameters (Head, Discharge, and Head Loss), the obtained correlation between estimated and measured results showed liability of the optimized designing equation.

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