Modeling of Sio2-Gold Interface Using Green Function Approach

  • Nisha, Vijay Kr. Lamba


While electrical conduction through molecules can be experimentally calculated using a mechanically controllable break junction, scanning tunnelling microscopy, and atomic force microscopy techniques. It is significant to take the electronic configuration of the molecules that comprise the junctions into account in order to acquire a detailed thoughtful of the electron transport effects in these molecular systems. The increasing lengths of the channel system result in an increase of the electron scattering effect and it is the main reason for the current that it reduces with increase in length of nanostructure under the applied voltage. Due to scattering effects, the channel transmissions decrease with the increasing of the cross sectional area. Therefore, the larger cross sectional area leads to more electrons being reflected. We must decrease the contact resistance between the metal electrode and the nano- structure, and optimize the electric conductivity of SiO2 nano-structure.

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