Implementing Business Intelligence on Pharmaceutical Data

  • Aashi Sharma, Dilkeshwar Pandey, Sanjeev Kumar


Now-a-days, pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Withincrease in demand of pharmacy, it is beneficial for pharmaceutical organization to have a basicunderstanding of what they are how doing and how can their stats help them. We have made a systemnamed C-SCAN where our pharmaceutical client can see the views, sales, growth and performancein their industry. Through this architecture, organizations would also be able to view what is goingon in the Pharma industry, they compare their growth with other organizations etc. In this fastgrowingera, nobody has enough time to go and look out and analyze something in depth. Therefore,the information provided by C-SCAN in the form of reporting to our clients would make their lifeeasier and help them to flourish in their domain. Raw data is taken as input, and output are theformatted extracts with implied business rules. We are using SQL, PostgreSQL, Python scripts, shellscripts, etc. in C-SCAN. The functionalities of the system can be updated as per the clientspecifications.

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