Secure Route from Fabrication Attack through Authentication Mechanism in MANET

  • T. Shekar Reddy, Dr. Y. Rama Devi


Wireless networks are increasingly well-liked in telecommunications systems presently, as consumers desire to have wireless connections despite their geographical location. However, the nature of wireless connection enhances the risk for secure routing in many network contexts, specifically in MANET kind of network. Route Fabrication (RF) is one of the types of attacks that enter the network by disseminating information and generating fake IDs. It is highly challenging to identify false in a fictitious behavior of the node after giving the impression of a normal action and also in the case of RF attacks the alteration of the routing message during route discovery or data, communication leads to a high number of packet losses. This paper proposes an authentication mechanism utilizing a "Unique Private key (UPK)" for secure communication and high performance in the MANET term as "A-UPK". The A-UPK allows to subscribes to each path to perform secure data communication and use symmetric encryption to secure all routing messages to avoid RF attacks. The goal of the A-UPK is to create a stable network to achieve high throughput performance. Finally, we evaluated the A-UPK through simulation and demonstrate the outcome result on network performance and stability.

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