Two Stage Sintering of 0.3 Wt% Fe2o3 Doped 3y-Tzp

  • Teow Hsien Loong, Sivakumar Sivanesan, Satesh Namasivayam


Y-TZP doped with 0.3 wt% Fe2O3 produced via two-stage sintering with first stage sintering temperature T1 ranging between 1400°C to 1550°C, followed by second stage sintering temperature T2 ranging between 1250°C and 1350°C followed by  dwelling time up to 12 hours. The samples were then evaluated on the microstructure, bulk density, Vickers hardness and fracture toughness. Based on observations, by employing optimum two-stage sintering schedule, the mechanical properties of 0.3 wt%  Fe2O3 doped Y-TZP can be enhanced as the samples achieved > 99% T.D., Vickers hardness > 13 GPa and Young’s modulus > 200 GPa compared to sample sintered via single stage sintering with 2 hours dwelling time. This research also reveals that the in addition to grain growth suppression of Y-TZP via doping route, the grain size can be further restrained by employing two-stage sintering.

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Satesh Namasivayam, T. H. L. S. S. (2020). Two Stage Sintering of 0.3 Wt% Fe2o3 Doped 3y-Tzp. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(1), 433 - 441. Retrieved from