Side Lobes Reduction Technique for Binary Codes

  • E. N. V. Purna Chandra Rao, S. P. Singh


Radar  communication,  Binary Compression codes  are  extensively  utilized  to  enhance  the resolution of distant targets in close range  and angle. The generation of binary signals are quiet easy in radar transmitters. A topic of research for the designers isto attain high compression  ratios. There is endless quest for finding such binary signals whose non periodic autocorrelation function produces minimum amplitudes of side lobes .In this research work,Modified Genetic Algorithm (MGA)is used to synthesize the compression codes which have good autocorrelation properties. Synthesized codes are compressed in the receiver using optimized mismatched filter to decrease the peak amplitude of sidelobesfurther.Cross correlation output with less peakysidelobes and smaller SNR loss can be realized when optimized mismatched filteris used in the receiver. Next the output of optimized mismatched filter is processed through weighted finite impulse response filter to producefurtherreduction in side lobes. A few of the synthesized binary codes are demonstrated with good Cross correlation properties.

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