A Novel Approach for Hiding Data in WAVE Audio

  • Kailash Kumar


"Hiding Information in Audio Records" predominantly created to insert or conceal the messages into audio documents. It fundamentally manages two significant system security ideas; to be specific steganography and encryption. AES calculation is utilized for encryption. The input is called here the plaintext.  The plaintext is encrypted producing ciphertext by the means of AES algorithm. This ciphertext is covered up into the audio records utilizing Steganography. LSB calculation is utilized for steganography. The WAVE format audio record is the selected medium to hide and transmit the encrypted ciphertext data. Since the audio record is in ASCII format, therefore cipthertext contents are additionally changed over to the bit-stream. The ciphertext record is presently inserted behind the audio document by combining together the contents utilizing LSB calculation. At the opposite end, the encoded record is isolated from audio document. The encrypted record is then decrypted and thus obtained original plaintext file is then seen.

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