Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews

  • Leena Bhuskute, Dr. Satishkumar Varma


 As E-commerce is widely emerging technology due to its numerous benefits including buying and selling of goods online, booking tickets, etc. The E-commerce websites consists of reviews which help the users to understand the product better. Users give reviews to the products based on their choice, quality of product etc. Sentimental analysis is contextual mining of text which identifies and extracts subjective information in source material thereby helping business to understand social sentiment of the product or service by monitoring online conversations. It makes the use of natural language processing, text analysis to extract the subjective information. KNN classifier and Decision tree are the methods used to do predictions. This paper aims to predict the sentiments of the users based on the reviews provided by them to understand the actual value of the product, its quality and interest of the users. This system is useful to satisfy the consumers expectations and for improvement of business.

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