Effective Use of Solid Waste Material as a Construction Material

  • Alkesh S. Bhalerao, Siddhartha S. Ray, Rahul Chandrashekar


 BMC has stated that around 73% of the garbage that goes into the landfill is food waste. Waste management experts said if Mumbai recycles this waste, it can reduce the amount of garbage transported to its overburdened landfills by 93%. We all know that tea is widely consumed drink in India. Nowadays the main focus of research is to reduce the industrial and agricultural waste for co friendly environment Sugarcane bagasse (SCB) is a fibrous waste product obtained from sugarcane industry. After extracting juice from the sugarcane, the remaining of sugarcane known as bagasse is but at high temperature in uncontrolled condition to produce the ash. This waste product is already causing serious environmental pollution. In the present study the effect of bagasse on the strength of concrete is investigated. The addition of bagasse not only helps in reducing pollution but also lends to sustainable development of the country. From the literature it has been observed that bagasse significantly increases the strength of concrete and it can be used as a partial replacement of cement in the concrete. To study the use of food waste as an alternative to conventional material like admixture in construction engineering along with partial replacement of sand with tea waste and sugarcane waste by wet mix process. The results obtained in laboratory investigation indicate not only the increase in strength but also a considerable reduction in cost is seen from experimental work, it is clear that properties of laboratory designed a tea waste and sugarcane waste mix are effectively used in practical application. About 100 million tons of rice paddy manufacture by-products are obtained around the world. They have a very low bulk density of 90 to 150kg/m3. This results in a greater value of dry volume decks.

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