Application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Analysing the Building Energy Performances of an Office Building

  • Siti Birkha Mohd Ali et al.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the application of à computer-based model to analyse building design, material and its operation. By applying BIM into construction industry, designers are able to evaluate the level of sustain ability of their design. In addition, BIM helps building professionals to have a realistic full life cycle assessment of a building in early design stage and conduct the energy analysis even before a building is build.  Energy performance evaluation report generated by BIM through software such as ArchiCAD is capable to aid the building professionals towards designing a sustainable building. Reduction on energy consumption of one building can beachieved through many ways.  For instance, by selecting a suitable material for building opening, façade as well as selecting efficient appliances/equipment, a building could reduce its energy consumption. In this research, the ground floor of the Chancellery building in Universiti Malaya (UM) is modelled and used as a reference block.  The effect of the existing glazing materials and type of lighting (Ao) towards the building energy performance are analysed. Alternatively, a better option of glazing materials and efficient lighting (Bo) are proposed onto the same reference block. The finding encompasses three different aspect of energy efficiency i.e. energy consumption, energy cost and carbone mission from both the existing building design as well as the alternative combination. The alternative combination had proved that an efficient and proper building material and design selection could lead to energy and cost saving as well as the reduction of carbone mission release from a building. In this case, the results shown that the effect of each aspect is 11%, 14% and 14% respectively.  Methods of minimizing the utilization of energy in office buildings are presented as well.

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