Design Approach of Terminal Automation System

  • Sujay Adhip Topno, Dr. M. S. P. Subathra


The oil and gas industry is one of the key industries in India. Since oil products are volatile at most proper handling should be the priority. Terminals are the endpoints that deal with ways of storage, transportation and distributions. Since terminals are crucial in business and safety it is essential to automate it. Automation will reduce the risk while product handling also reduces the product losses therefore, Terminal Automation has led to major changes in operational features and facilities of an Oil Terminal. It has helped Oil companies to lead a better business through the accountability of products, automated processes and safety. Here a design of a Terminal Automation System is presented for supply and distribution terminals. The system is designed for controlled and secure tank truck entry, lossless product filling, minimum manual interference, safety in hazardous area and management of all the process data.

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