Precision Agriculture in Bangladesh: Need and Opportunities

  • M. M. Mahbubul Syeed, Md. Asiful Islam, Kaniz Fatema


Agriculture being the socio-economic backbone of many developing countries (e.g., Bangladesh), still heavily depend on the farmer's experience, intuition, physical labour, mercy of nature for production. However, smart integration of technologies with the agricultural processes underpinned by Internet of Things (IoT) principles, can resolve these issues and maximize productivity. This approach (often termed as Precision Agriculture) can bring together agronomists, farmers and crops regardless of their geographical difference, and make agricultural information acquisition, evaluation and decision making autonomous and instantaneous.

This paper therefore contributes the followings, first, empirically investigate the status quo of agricultural practices and need in Bangladesh, second, glean the needs and requirements for shifting the status quo towards a knowledge driven smart automation system, and third, develops a platform for Precision Agriculture by leveraging the best practiced IoT design principles and contemporary technologies. Alongside, the transcript of validation highlighting the design and technical soundness of the system is presented.

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