Real Time Cloud Sensing

  • Abhijeet Kasab, Soumitra Kavathekar, Samrudhi Inamdar, Shambhuraj Mane


Real-Time Cloud Sensing is a cost-effective data acquisition module that can be mounted on any aerial vehicle for collecting local data related to weather from small zones of sub-continents. The module is designed to address the issue of incorrect weather prediction caused due to a lack of data. The module is designed in such a way that it helps in increasing volume and variety of data for prediction. The module collects required data using various sensors such as temperature and humidity sensor, pressure sensor, and infrared sensor with RaspberryPi as the main controlling unit. All these sensors along with RaspberryPi are mounted on a Quadcopter to acquire some basic measurements of these parameters up to a certain height and the collected data is sent to the cloud servers for further processing. This processing handles noise factors like outliers and Null values.

Keywords: Drone, Rain prediction.

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