Modsecurity: Ontology for Cloud Based Web Service Attacks

  • S.M.Chavan, Dr.S.CTamane


Cloud computing is a model that uses shared computing resources instead of local servers to deploy applications. Cloud computing security protects data access of unauthorized users and modification of information. Cloud security contains set of policies, different technologies and some control for data access as well as storage. Cloud server increases the availability of resources since anyone can access the data using web. Main objective of this paper is to provide cloud security policy using some standard tools and infrastructure based on ontology. System uses ontology for HTTP vulnerability attacks by taking HTTsP protocol and its structure. This paper proposes preparation and configuration for web services attacks, detection and prevention of attacks, identification of attacks and type of attack. System describes how to avoid attack by making custom rules or ontology. Proposed system uses Amazon web service platform which provides bundle of services for cloud computing solutions with good cost. Infrastructure of the system uses number of nodes for different operating system. By using Amazon web service instance system can create memory storage according to requirement. System made infrastructure as node 1 to n.Node-1 is server and node n is local machine. System will add web application firewall on server to block requests. From Node-2 user will send multiple request, do attack and prevent attack. Implementation shows rule analysis by checking logs and showing graph. Hence application provides authentication, confidentiality and integrity of data.

Keywords: Amazon web services,Cloud computing, Cloud security solutions, HTTP ontology, Modsecurity, Web application firewall   

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