Iot Based Solar Power Plant Monitoring System

  • Shah Awais, Shaikh Moeenuddin, A. Mohammad Ibrahim, Sayyed Ammara, Fahad Bilal


In India the energy demand elevated promptly during the past years, as energy is required for the industrialization as well as for many means. The disagreeable belongings and paucity of the conventional fuels fascinated Government of India to emphasis its aim on generation of energy from renewable energy sources.  In this paper solar power plant become smart using Internet of things technology through which we can monitor the different parameters, preventive maintenance and fault detection of solar power plant. In this paper to enhance the efficiency of solar power plant the angle control technique of solar panel is used which changes the direction of panel with respect to sun rays. Arduino Uno and Arduino Nano are act as a brain of this system; ESP8266 is used as a communication module which delivers the wireless connectivity to internet through IEEE802.11 communication protocol. Voltage sensor and current sensor are used to sense the voltage and current respectively. Light dependent resistor sensor helps to detect the light intensity; servo motor keeps the array of panel in a correct angle to get the more sun rays. To get the real time monitoring of all the data liquid crystal display is placed on the system. All the data detected from different sensors are published on cloud can accesses by the end user anywhere anytime under the internet connectivity.

Keywords: Internet of things, Arduino Uno, ESP8266, servo motor, cloud, Arduino Nano and IEEE802.11

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