IoT: Security Challenges and Threat

  • Amandeep Singh, Harleen Kaur, Mansirat Kaur


 IoT will have a profound prudent, social and business effect on our lives in the future. The nodes which are participating in IoT systems are generally resource constrained, because of which they become the prime focus for cyber attacks. To address the protection and security issues in IoT networks, endeavors have been made through cryptographic methodologies. In any case, the interesting qualities of IoT hubs render the current arrangements deficient to incorporate the whole security range of the IoT systems. This is, at any rate to some degree, on account of the asset imperatives, heterogeneity, gigantic ongoing information created by the IoT gadgets, and the widely powerful conduct of the systems. Along these lines, Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML) procedures can give implanted insight in the IoT gadgets and systems, are utilized to adapt to various security issues. We review the various security challenges and threats in IoT networks systematically.

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