Consumers Expectationsfrom Digital Marketing of Agricultural Produce

  • Shubhangi Salokhe, Shubham Salokhe


The main purpose of this research paper is to find out consumers expectations, benefits and challengesof online shopping of agricultural produce, so that we can develop and suggest suitable marketing system to Indian farmers.The recent trend in marketing management is the use of digital marketing, and it is the form of direct marketing. Thishelpsfarmers for marketing their farm produce directly to consumers and helps in ensuring higher remuneration and improving the satisfaction level of the consumers. So it is essential to know consumer perception for digital marketing of agricultural produce.First-hand information (data) is collected from the 941consumers from Pune city by using a structured questionnaire.Results revealed that consumers’ perceived benefit and experienced from digital marketing of agricultural produce is home delivery followed by saving time for commuting to market and can shop as per time availability.79.2 % of consumers are ready to buy agriculture produce online. Mainly consumers are expecting good quality and fresh agricultural produce, home-delivered at their doorstep during a time convenient to them.The niche to bring digital marketing of agriculture produce isto attract lower-income group by awareness and trials and retain higher income group by the quality of produce and various prompt services of online marketing.

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