Exploring the Therapeutic Effects of Yoga on Stress and its Ability to Enhance Employee Performance

  • Dr. Arpit Shailesh, Dr. Taruna, Roma Trigunait


Generally, in the present day scenario, keeping yourself happy and healthy is realized to be one of the most important goals of human life and one possible way to achieve is considered to be Yoga. We all can see a lot of speculation and interest among researchers and management trainees about advantages of practicing spirituality in the workplace. Nowadays, it is considered a viable and positive organizational tool to enhance employee performance. The prime focus of this activity was to keep in check the health and wellness of the personnel’s in the organization. It has the power not only to transform personal, physical but professional life as well. Yoga has always been a conventional technique of meditation developed by the saints of ancient India. It is now used not only in daily life but also in an arena of the corporate sector. In the present time, it is one of the strategic mechanisms to enhance employee performance which contributes to the overall organizational productivity. A structured questionnaire has been formulated to collect primary data for this study and sampling method used was convenience sampling. The collected sample was 180for the research. Statistical techniques such as SPSS used to obtain the result of the analysis. Limitations and scope for future work have also been discussed in the study. In the current study, an effort has been made to probe the impact of yoga on stress of job and to expect a positive correlation between employee performance and yoga.

Keywords: Yoga, Stress, Employee Performance, Workplace.

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