Digital Marketing Using Search Intent

  • Shitij Bhardwaj, S Rakesh Kumar


This article describes a dynamic view of digital marketing using a query-based search intended by the user. The content is based on current and future trends of marketing. It also upholds the critical view of how traditional marketing differs from online marketing that certainly reaches out to millions of users using the search engines and how the results match the query with the help of keywords placed in the database of search engines. We are now experiencing a radical change in the viewpoint of users with the intent of its search. The user or consumers searches for the services or product on the internet to find the best deals in order to accumulate the most recent technology or entity or an object in his/her ownership. The paper viewpoint has been discussed as per the viewpoint of the user. Recent studies show the benefits of digital marketing as a platform for the growth of both provider and consumer. The various section includes a discreet view of nodes of digital marketing as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing (SEM), E-mail Marketing and how it is different from display marketing with the help of user intent. This paper explains how user’s intent can be different from what they search the query in search engines and how the search results only match with the keywords entered. Moreover, the effectiveness of digital marketing based on an intent search on the business can be analyzed

  Keywords: SEO; PPC; E-mail Marketing; Content Creation

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