Secured IoT Surveillance System for Household

  • Rajat Seth, Dr. S. Metilda Florence


This paper presents a proposed system for Smart and Secure Home Surveillance System with the help of Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things (IoT) and by integrating cameras and motion sensors into a web application well as a mobile application. This system intend to use a Raspberry Pi module to remotely control cameras and sensors and to run all my modules on. This system will be using Amazon cloud for Live Streaming Surveillance, using File Splitting Methodology to protect files being stored using Multiple Key Methodology to protect the Video Transmission and Automated Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) or time to time test of the network as well as the interface. 2-Step Authentication System will be used to protect the web as well as Mobile Application. Some other features will also be added for a more user-friendly and secure system. Raspberry Pi will be programmed to controls motion sensors to sense any nearby motion which will trigger and video cameras to start recording and capture the face and will be sent to the owner on the mobile application. If identified as intruder then an alarm signal will be sent to the nearby Police Station.


Keywords: Raspberry Pi, IoT, Surveillance, VAPT, OWASP

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