An Agricultural Aiding Design for Farmer Using Machine Learning

  • Ch. Lakshmi Kumar, J. Hima Bindu


Machine learning focuses on development of computer programs. Aiding tool for farmers is one of the applications of Artificial intelligence. Food Security is one of most important for the growing food needs of an ever-increasing population. Due to increasing population we cannot produce food to meet requirement of 1.25 billion and still expanding population will put huge burden on Indian economy. Around the globe India is having large agricultural hub and mainstream of the Indian population is dependent on the agricultural sector for meeting their requirement. Agriculture is the major end-user area for fertilizers and the demand for fertilizer is growing drastically. Due to changeable monsoon and ever declining groundwater and changeable mark condition and unregulated market for crop yields are putting huge pressure on farmers. This paper is aimed at developing a solution taking into account factors monsoon prediction, climate conditions, soil condition, claim for crop, availability of fertilizers and insecticides, irrigated and non-irrigated taking all these factors either from farmers or from outside sources into web site ,we  run our decision tree classifier whether a particular crop satisfies all these desires or not .if the crop satisfies then the crop is added to the suggestions to be given to the farmer along with the dealers who sell the materials needed for that crop, the suggestions are given to the farmer with the help of SMS alert.


Keywords: ML, crop, fertilizer, food, farmer.

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