Design and Implementation of Modified Unicode Strategy for Data Security in IoT

  • Garima Verma, Shiva Prakash


In present scenario, there is a great need of robust and efficient cryptographic algorithms which helps in protecting the data from the eavesdroppers. Basically, Cryptography mainly deals with hiding of the information and doing communication privately. There has been always an important issue of protecting the important and sensitive data and keeping it safe for the future purpose. For this purpose, we use many cryptographic techniques for protecting our data from the attackers and also for successful private communications. Many symmetric cryptographic algorithms have been introduced using the S-boxes. S-boxes play a very important role in determining the values corresponding to the several texts. Previously, static key dependent S-boxes were used for the security purpose but they do not provide much security aspects and were much prone to attacks. Now in current days, dynamic and key and key dependent S-boxes are used for higher security purpose which wraps up the data with more security. In this paper, we have used dynamic S-box along with UNICODE text which is basically including UTF-16. Also, we have proposed an improved algorithm for Unicode data security which is using genetic operators such as partially mapped crossovers. Further, the parameters like avalanche effect, hamming distance, and balanced output have also being tested to prove that the proposed algorithm is the most suitable one for the UNICODE text handling.

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