BlockchainTechnology forEfficientManagementofSupplyChain

  • PCD.Kalaivaani, N.Dhyaneshwar,P.Dineshkumar,R.Srihari,S.SanthoshKumar


Blockchain technology for efficient management of supply chain deals with the computerization of the production, maintenance and tracking of the food products. The main objective of the system is to track the food production from raw materials to delivery of product. The proposed method contains raw material and food production details, suppliers details and also the user order details with an option to view the expiry details. It involves food tracking from its raw materials to its final delivery to the users. Through this tracking system, the expired food product usage can be completely avoided. Along with this, the blockchain concept is involved to maintain the tracking process secured. These details are maintained in the database and it is updated every day. It helps to keep the details in a perfect manner.

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PCD.Kalaivaani, N.Dhyaneshwar,P.Dineshkumar,R.Srihari,S.SanthoshKumar. (2020). BlockchainTechnology forEfficientManagementofSupplyChain. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 12205-12214. Retrieved from