Stabilizing of Expansive soil using Bagasse Ash and Leather Solid Waste

  • Ravi Kumar


Stabilisation purpose is to rearrange the soil particles by adding other particles to change soil properties to increase the strength of weak soil and making the use of available local waste material the cost of construction is also reduce by certain amount. Stabilizers which are used traditionally for modifying the properties of soil are lime, cement, fly ash etc. On other side non traditional stabilizer’s are found in large quantity and may take lesser time as comparison to traditional stabilizer’s. In present study the effect of sugarcane waste fibre  ash & leather solid waste on  black cotton soil is carried out by conducting CBR test at different proportions. Lot of leather solid waste & sugarcane waste generated from small scale industries and factories in India, which will be used to stabilize black cotton soil. The effectiveness of bagasse ash & leather waste will be studied for the foundation of pavement by conducting CBR test. Different proportions of bagasse ash & leather solid waste is added in  the black cotton soil and water is added relating to its OMC for a specific soil-polymer mixture and to gain maximum dry unit weight the soil-polymer mixture is compacted. Strength of mixed soil sample is checked experimentally by performing USC (Unconfined compressive strength) test, after allowing the mixture in soak condition for 7 days

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