"Barcode Based Student Query System- GALSIRI”

  • K Prabu, Saravanan D, Rahul Kumar Ojha, Shubham Dandapat


In this digital era educational institutes must ensure that students who are the base of any country feel comfortable in all aspects for their coziness. An automated system capable of solving the student’s queries, so that they do not have to approach fellow for aid. Regardless of the problem which they present or they resort to any type of automated system to obtain the solution of it. Since, at educational institutes, understudies have numerous inquiries and issues, for instance, LMS issues, RESULTS issues, ATTENDANCE issues, FEE issues, and so on. This paper is an attempt to assist understudies with moving toward the office legitimately for the sort of issue they are confronting. This standardized tag contains the special data of the understudies, his area of expertise and the school. The understudy will scan their barcode identification which is on institute identity card with assistance of the scanner, a pop-up window will show up demonstrating the name of corresponding department and the accompanying window will show the issue they are confronting and are numbered in the request. The understudy taps the numeric keypad and the screen will show where this inquiry is tackled or which office is liable for this kind of issue solution, with the goal that they can legitimately address and get the arrangement of their concern.


Keywords: Automated system, Approach fellow, ID card, Barcode scanner.

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K Prabu, Saravanan D, Rahul Kumar Ojha, Shubham Dandapat. (2020). "Barcode Based Student Query System- GALSIRI”. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 11977-11985. Retrieved from http://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/25394