Reusing of Concrete Waste as a Replacementof Natural Aggregates

  • Ayush Jain, Dr. S. Elavenil, Er. Krishnendu Trivedi


The project discusses about the production of concrete by using recycled aggregates. Recycled aggregates are concrete waste converted into small bits and used as an alternative to fresh aggregates. A large amount of concrete is getting wasted daily and requires a large amount of space in dumping or landfilling which is a complete wastage of natural resources available.

Strength of the aggregate, it’s gradation, water-absorbing capacity, texture, colour are some of the physical properties that alter the strength, durability and properties of concrete. The quality of recycled aggregates depends upon the loading, exposure conditions, quality of demolished structures, way of extraction which ultimately affects the strength of the concrete. Therefore, in this experiment, the main focus is given on strength of the concrete. In addition, the properties of concrete were evaluated based on the replacement of fresh aggregates with recycled aggregates. Concrete samples were prepared using recycled aggregates with the use of chemical admixture and also without the use of chemical admixture. The results were compared on the basis of strength developed by the control mix. The results showed that using recycled aggregates it is possible to make concrete with properties similar to that of the concrete prepared using conventional method and materials. Also, strength of the concrete made from recycled aggregates can be possibly increased by adding chemical admixture with it.

Keywords: Concrete debris, Recycled Aggregates, Sustainable material management, Latex, Chipped concrete

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