Performance Evaluation of Enhanced Crawler using Secure Mobile Agent

  • Varsha Kumari


     The Objective of this paper is to offer a realistic execution of an encryption technique based on probability to safeguard mobile agent which is used in the Information retrieval from servers. On user demand mobile agent act accordingly moving across the internet. In present era as there is massive enormous appreciable augmentation of data and frequent alteration of web document, it has become a tedious job to keep updated page in compilation of search engine. 

    Enhanced crawling speed could be observed by using Idea of mobile agent. This also facilitates to diminish overhead of the network. Similarity score computation and filtration of duplicate URLs by the mobile agent manager is also implemented in this approach it improves the relevancy of the documents redirected to the client.

However it is accompanied by security issues. Our technique has an upper hand to existing web crawler in terms of security and reliability when we compared it with our previous work Web crawler based on secure mobile agents. It provides safety to the mobile agent and preserves the data that is transferred.

Keywords:  Crawler, Mobile Agent, Security, Encryption, Decryption.

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