• A. Louis Babu and Dr.A.Chandra Mohan,


Employee engagement benefits to the business has been demonstrated in many studies. Engaged employeeswill be working harder than others, would be passionate performers of their jobs and give the extra effort for the organization. They will be active and provide the best results for the business. Thus it is important to study the factors that have an effect on employee engagement, and Organizational Culture is seen to have a major impact on how the employees feel engaged about the work. Hence this study is focused on the Culture and its effect on employee engagement. Further the component of human effort is more in a service organization as compared to a manufacturing organization, and so the effect of Employee engagement will be immediately felt by the business. Hence the focus was also studying the impact of culture on employee engagement in hospitality industry, specifically in a hotel. The study took a descriptive approach to understand the cultural factors to identify the most important components of culture that impact Employee engagement and has come out with a model of the impact that had been validated with a survey instrument. Analysis of the collected data reveal the that the factors, Communication, team work, personal expression and respect for colleagues had gained the maximum attention of the management, where as feedback and customer focused quality had been given lower attention, which are found to be important for effective employee engagement. The study concludes that though the management has focused on a well communicated culture, the culture also needs to focus on customer focus and feedback to get the employees engaged better with the business.

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A. Louis Babu and Dr.A.Chandra Mohan,. (2020). IMPACT OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE ON EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT IN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(12s), 2911-2917. Retrieved from