A Study On How Youtube Food Vlogs Has Influenced Youngsters In Chennai

  • Lakshmipriya.M


Food is one of the basic needsof living beings to survive. It leads to every other aspect ofthe life cycle. One of the most popular social media is YouTube nowadays, and food-related content is the second most trendsetting topic on YouTube. Though there are several food blogs available in town, the food vlogging channel is most appealing to the audience to know more about the food items available around us. Some food channels are available with food making recipes, but our focus is on food review channels, which tempts the audiences to consume it atleast once in a lifetime. New media has control over the society and youngsters, through which they are influenced and been pushed to consume everything part of their lifestyle. Food Vlogs are being made from street food to expensive hotel foods. People are ready to spend in food items by exploring new items. They find it interesting, to know more about the availability of hotels and n number of items. Through such vlogs, YouTubers are gaining profit, and it has become a source of income for any YouTubers.

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