FinTech and MSMEs Continuity: Applied in Indonesia

  • Dio Caisar Darma, M. Amin Kadafi, Dirga Lestari


Many financial institutions, especially banks and cooperatives, have received programs from the government to help MSMEs in Indonesia to facilitate access to capital and total assets (despite a recession). We are interested in discussing the role of FinTech to facilitate service to MSMEs, so that they can exist. The use of descriptive qualitative based study models. Secondary data obtained utilizing literature studies (Government Agencies, Banking, and some previous research relevant to the study problem). In the current situation, business activities related to finance and technology are needed by MSMEs. The development of FinTech is very rapid in Indonesia, especially those based on P2P lending and Crowdfunding. The main role of this model in the sustainability of MSMEs is in the form of increased efficiency from operational aspects and the ease of its members. Fintech can also be used as a market place in the type of production MSMEs or buying and selling MSMEs. There is a positive integration of FinTech in supporting MSME capital lending in Indonesia. Fintech provides many financial solutions, especially for the scale of MSMEs that want to develop. The development of FinTech is intended to be more inclusive.

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