Automated Accident Detection Safety Helmet

  • Juveriya Siddiqua, E. Sirisha, M Naresh Kumar


About 1.25 million people die each year as a result as road traffic crashes and out of which most of the people aged in between 15-29. Around the world almost three times more men than women die from the road traffic injuries. When it comes to safety of two wheeler riders the most important thing which can help them to prevent from accidents is helmet. Wearing a helmet was always kept as an option for the two wheeler riders which are also the reason for the increase in the accident rate. The only thing which can bring the situation under control is the helmet with the smart features which can also called as “smart helmet”. Keeping all these in to the consideration we have come up with the smart helmet which includes different sensors, GPS and GSM modules. The sensors will sense whether the rider is wearing the helmet or not. If the rider is wearing helmet then the bike will get ignition otherwise bike won’t get started. In case of accident the exact location of the accident will be send to the concern members of the family, police, and the ambulance.

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